…define being a librarian?

I am a librarian.
But what does that mean?

I have struggled with that question since deciding to enter library school. I also struggle with telling others I am a librarian. Not only may they not know what it means, but often people outside the field have a skewed, antiquated, incomplete, or just wrong notion of what it means to be a librarian. I usually end up having to explain or defend my profession and often fail miserably. Instead of constantly having to retort, “I’m not just that” or “I do so much more” (or hiding behind the self-righteous belief that I am valuable and everyone should recognize that for themselves), I wanted to think about and document all the things that librarians can do. Who we are. What we do. How and why, etc. (a “where” will probably sneak in at some point). I am taking an incredibly broad and liberal view of all of this. A great many things may filter into my attempt to answer my questions. I will write about what I want, regardless of how it fits. But eventually, cumulatively, I am hoping to show the breadth and depth and diversity and range that define libraries, librarians, and librarianship.

P.s. I am also an archivist and historian (and interested in a vast, diverse number of other topics), so do not be surprised if those fields and topics sneak in here too.  But don’t worry because, of course, a librarian can make sense of it all.