Hello and Welcome

MeachamHELLO and WELCOME to my little corner of the internet where I can write about whatever I find interesting, useful, topical, or simply share the words that need to leave my head.

My name is Martha Meacham. I am a librarian, archivist, historian (as well as bibliophile, writer, wanderer, investigator, etc…). I have an MS in Library and Information Science and MA in History (with a focus on medical history). I also have a background and experience in psychology as a mental health counselor. Ultimately, I love people, stories, and the vast, interesting, different forms all these take. I am now attempting to figure out how to incorporate all of my roles, education, and passions into a life long career. I also am trying to figure out what it means to be any of the things I think or hope I am. I don’t like labels, but if I am going to be called a librarian (or anything else for that matter) I would rather be the one helping create the definition. So far, I am off to a good and interesting start, and I hope to share some of my journey here.

Take a look at my inaugural post for this blog A Librarian Can…Define Being a Librarian? for a little more, and read more of my musings, because, who knows, a librarian can surprise you.


I want to learn everyone’s story.
I want to see as much of the world, from as many points of view, as possible.
I want to experience everything, from the mundane to the extraordinary.